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The Best Chef In Malta Was Officially Announced Last Night

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When you’re responsible for four of the hottest restaurants in Malta, it’s no surprise that you’ll be raking it in with awards time after time again.

Well, Chef Marvin Gauci has another award to add to his trophy cabinet as he swooped the title of Best Chef at last night’s 2019 Restaurant Awards hosted by the Definitive(ly) Good Guide.

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Marvin is the culprit behind the award-winning Tarragon, Caviar & bull, Buddhamann and Dinner in The Sky (which also won Best Restaurant 2019last night). His portfolio is outstanding to say the very least.

The (equally talented) runners-up to this award were Chef Matthew Schembri from Lovage Bistro, Chef Robert Cassar from Root 81, Chef Ramona Preca from Palazzo Preca Restaurant (which won Malta’s most romantic restaurant 2019), Chef Maria Sammut from 59 Republic and Chef Alain Grech from The Chef’s Table (who won Best Newcomer at yesterday’s awards).

You may now kiss the chef!

All photos taken from Chef Marvin Gauci’s Instagram page

Tag someone you’d love to take to a dinner date at any of Marvin’s restaurants!

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