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The Coolest Cup Of Coffee Has Landed In Malta

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Attention coffee fiends – if you’re looking for something smooth and cool that’ll still give you a kick to get through the week then we have some good news for you. The newest caffeinated sensation has hit Malta and it tastes is awesome.

Everyone say hello to Nitro Coffee, a cold-brew coffee that’s infused with nitrogen. The infusion gives the drink an extra sweetness and creaminess even when it’s served black. So whether you’re the type to drown your morning pick-me-up with milk and sugar or just take things as plain as possible, you’ll be able to enjoy this new creation as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Also, did we mention it’s served on tap?

What Is Nitro Coffee Cold Brew

The coffee is stored in a pressurized keg and served on draught like beer, which gives it a signature frothy head. It can be drunk straight, on ice, or with a scoop of ice-cream if you’re feeling like a special treat. Perfect to cool down in this heat.

Fair warning, this stuff is strong. The technique originated in the U.S and has been working it’s way through the coffee-drinking world before finally arriving here in Malta.

Nitro Coffee Malta was brought over by Nitro Scoop and can be found at Fresco’s bar in Sliema. They’ve got a special bean blend that comes straight from Peru to make sure it’s unlike any coffee you’ve had before. It can also be served vegan, and gluten/dairy free, so none of you have any excuse to not go try it out.

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