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The End Of An Era: Chef Daniel Grech Leaves Shoreditch Restaurant Due To ‘Creative Differences’

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One of Malta’s favourite chefs Daniel Grech has officially resigned from his position as head chef and food-porn master at Shoreditch in Paceville, citing “creative differences” as the reason for his leaving.

In a Facebook post, Grech explained his reasons for leaving the restaurant that many Maltese diners affiliate with his name.

Shoreditch was part of the major push towards better and more extravagant burgers, as well as making over-the-top, fluffy pancakes part of many Maltese people’s regular diet

However, Daniel is far from finished, with a long list of new culinary projects in his hands.

He is looking towards some new ventures: he will be taking over the kitchen at the newly unveiled Long Hall Pub in Paceville, which will be similar to the fare offered at Ryan’s Pub last year and earlier this year when he ran the kitchen. He is also revamping the City Lounge Kitchen in Valletta into a steak and burger parlour, and he plans on opening a new eatery in St Julians named Crossroads with the same successful team behind his well-received summer run at Paradise Exiles in Sliema.

Daniel has also teamed up with Sphinx Pastizzeria to create pastizzi from your wildest dreams, and is currently planning on re-inventing pizza at his soon-to-be-opened Shakes n Bakes in San Gwann.

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