The First Hawaiian Poké Joint In Malta Has Just Opened In Sliema

Let's do the hoke poké

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Aloha Lovin Malta readers, we have some very important foodie news!

Malta has just been #Blessed with its very first Hawaiian restaurant this week.

Located in Sliema's Plaza Shopping Mall, Po-K specialises in Poke (pronounced poké/pokeh) and this dish is to Hawaii as what Stuffat tal-Fenek is to Malta - a national dish.

Let us quickly explain what this refreshing healthy concoction is so you get a clearer picture.

It is basically cubed/diced raw fish (usually salmon, ahi tuna or shellfish) that is marinated the hell out of and served over rice (think of it as deconstructed sushi or a ceviche of some sort, minus the rice). Served in a bowl, topped with raw toppings and doused with various dressings.

Po-k are sticking to the tradition by offering the seafood kind, but are stepping it up a notch by serving poke with cooked chicken for those that don't wanna go raw. Vegans will also have the option to have a tofu poke.

To reduce plastic waste, guests will eat their poke from aesthetically-delightful coconut shells imported from Bali.

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