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The Future Is Here: You Can Now Get McDonald’s Delivered Directly To Your Door In Malta

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Chances are, you have found yourself under quarantine – be it voluntary, mandatory or just because you are an introvert – as Malta reels from the international outbreak of the coronavirus.

But, amidst all the chaos, confusion and fights over toilet paper, a bright ray of hope shines, one that may have gone unnoticed amidst daily government press conferences and all those travel bans.

You can now order McDonald’s to be delivered right to your door through the new Bolt Foods app.


Pictured above: you responding to people criticising your excitement over deliverable McDonald’s in the time of the coronavirus.

Bolt Foods’ new app launched recently and has already changed the way Malta eats.

The app, which provides you with a handy list of all the eateries and restaurants that can deliver to your home, is available for free download. It’s already changed the way people eat in Malta – but adding the Golden Arches to their already impressive list of eateries was just an added treat for all those nug-lovers out there.

And there are quite a few, judging from the early reactions.

The timing of the new service couldn’t have been better, with so many home orders being made as Malta prepares to enter a lockdown as it’s never seen before.

Though deliverable McDonald’s has only been a thing for a minute, it’s already made its way onto Maltese TikTok – and presumably, some very happy tummies.

@jamesrydercomedyA giant step for Malta ##malta ##maltese ##comedy ##haha ##fyp ##foryou ##foryourpages♬ I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

Instead of panicking over the outbreak, go wash your hands, order some tasty treats right to your door, and wash your hands again before digging in.

Chicken McNuggets at your door, two weeks resting at home and free television – you know, maybe the coronavirus isn’t so bad after all…

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