The Only Restaurant To Serve Nepalese Dishes In Malta Has Opened In St Julian's

And momo dumplings are on the menu!!

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Malta has another addition to its ever-growing restaurant scene in the form of a new restaurant introducing Nepalese cuisine for the first time on the island.

Located in St Julian's, Annapurna (which opened last month) offers cuisine from Nepal and India. People often mistake Nepalese food with Indian food, but there are many differences.

Annapurna is a chic dining concept although prices are really decent. First of all though, and more importantly... momos are on the menu (which I cannot wait to try).

Momo dumplings are an actual godsend.

If you haven't popped one of these in your mouth yet, you've been missing out... well, until now. You can have a chicken, veg and lamb option for starters. This is one of Nepal's national dishes FYI.

Annapurna's decor is modern and sleek in a relaxed atmosphere.

They have chefs from Nepal - which definitely adds to the authenticity - and most of the team have extensive restaurant experience all over the UK (where the Indian food scene is huge).

There are a lot of Indian starters, but Nepalese starters include jumbo mussels or scallops in a coconut sauce, piro jhinga macha (stir fried king prawns with pepper, chilli and garlic sauce), piro kukhura, lamb chhoila and sadheko khasi (traditional Nepalese style marinated lamb).

You will also find mains from the South Asian country such as Nepalese fish curry (fish fillet tossed in a traditional Nepalese sauce) and fish chilli (semi dry stir fried fish mixed with peppers, chilli and garlic).

Indian food lovers rejoice, because Annapurna also have all the popular Indian starters, curries and tandoori dishes that everyone loves.

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