Qormi's Ultimate Hangout Show Down: San Bastjan Vs. San Ġorġ

Because in Malta, good food is saintly

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Next in our rundown of the best Maltese hangouts is Qormi, and seeing as it's a pretty big town with an even bigger rivalry that spans decades, we thought we'd spice things up a bit by looking at the two main areas of the town that have caused controversy on an annual basis whenever their feast arrives. 

Instead of dividing people even more, we're hoping this actually brings to light all the hip places there are in Qormi, because it actually really is an overlooked gem of a town. Having said that, we're going to let you decide which side you prefer, based on their top five places to go to get something to eat or drink. 

What could possibly go wrong?!


1. Taċ-Ċaċċu


What better way to start this list than with a social club? This gem has been around since 1963, and has become the talk of the town. Hosting anything from bachelor parties to fenkati (rabbit dinners), Taċ-Ċaċċu Social Club is one of the places to be for the San Bastjan area. 

2. Baba Turkish Kebab


Sure, Żebbug has the mighty Sofra just up the road, but on the corner just past the roundabout leading out of the main square, Qormi has Baba Turkish. And according to the locals (some of which religiously go at least once a week!), it has the best kebabs money can buy on this side of the island. 

3. Fast Food Central


If it's a guilty pleasure you're after, then San Bastjan is definitely the Qormi side to be. Southern Fried Chicken, Chick King, Burger King Drive-Thu and Pizza Hut (along with Wing Street) are all located within minutes of each other, with some of them actually being literally three doors down to the other. That's our diet out of the window!

4. Tad-Doughnuts


There's a really simple way to know whether something's good or not in Malta. If it has developed a title which is literally just the name of what it sells, that implies it's one of the only places that does it properly in the entire country.

Also, it's pretty difficult to find someone who doesn't know where Tad-Doughnuts is by now, to the point that this tiny corner store has actually become a landmark for the area! Qormi's very own sweet Serkin.

5. Fredy's Diner


One of the coolest new joints in Malta, Fredy's Diner boasts a super friendly atmosphere. It's an awesome-looking place, having undertaken the BoredPanda treatment like Zion and Bongo Nyah in the South before it. And with its location literally opposite the Parish Church, it's as San Bastjan as they get!

Bonus: This year Fredy's Diner organized an Anti Eurovision Night, so it's a perfect place for the outcasts of Malta's society to hang out in.


1. Il-Forn ta' L-Għawdxi


If food is the way to a person's heart, then pizza is the aphrodisiac. Tal-Għawdxi mixes the best of Qormi's baking prowess with Gozo's traditional ftira and throws them both into a wood burning oven for a pizza to die for. Over 50 years of raving about this place can't be wrong!

2. Ta' Cardona Wine Bar


There may be more than one wine bar in Qormi, but Ta' Cardona takes the cake pretty much every single time you ask a resident. With an extremely traditional and cosy setting just on Main Street, Ta' Cardona is a definite favourite among locals and non-locals alike.

3. Ir-Razzett L-Antik


Labelled as a "Culinary Culture Conference Centre", ir-Razzett l-Antik is situated right in the heart of the medieval baker's centre of Qormi. The main building is over 400 years old, and offers an insanely wide variety of services, from two cooking schools, to areas for gourmet private dining, to halls for wedding receptions. Surely a case of history deciding who stays on top.

4. Bottega San Giorgio

San Giorg

If you're looking for a place that proudly bares the name of its area's patron saint, then you definitely have to look no further. A new wine bar on Main Street, this is definitely as local a hangout as they get. 

5. Emanuel's Bakery


While you'd think that singling out the best bakery in a town famous for being the bread capital of the island is a great compliment, you'd be doing a disservice if you were calling Emanuel's just a bakery. In fact, Emanuel's rise to fame is actually their pizzas, thanks to their ftira base. Yes, you read that right - FTIRA. PIZZA. BASE. Be warned, food porn in 3, 2...


Which area do you think deserves to win the Hangout show down? comments below below and tag someone who needs to be told who's boss!

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