Amazing! The Restauranteurs Behind Valletta's Palazzo Preca Are Offering A Free Lunch To 20 Teenagers From Sliema Home

The Precas invited other restaurants to do the same

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Helping those in need and religious holidays go hand in hand, but we often see charitable sentiment slowly fade away as feasts go by.

However, the women behind Valletta's Palazzo Preca are showing businesses how it's done, after inviting teenagers in out-of-home care for a free lunch at their restaurant.

20 children from St Patrick’s in Sliema will all be given a fantastic lunch at the restaurant

Carrying over their father’s heartwarming legacy from the iconic Tal-Familja restaurant, Palazzo Preca’s Ramona invited other restauranteurs to take up the challenge.

Ramona Preca went on to invite other restaurants to do the same, stressing the importance of helping those who are less fortunate in whichever way we can.

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The Preca sisters, Ramona and Roberta

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