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The Rise Of The High-End Butcher In Malta

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We live in a generation where at some point everything will be touched by the ‘hipster magic’. Butchers and steak houses are no exception. We scouted out three so-called high-end butchers to try and get the full meaty experience. 

Before we dive into the choices it’s important to remember that the whole experience is mostly about being in control. 

You can choose the type of meat you want, focus on the cut and the way you want it to be cooked. Some places even offer both eat-in and take-out options, while others offer a menu-less experience. 

1. Sciacca Grill – Valletta

Sciacca Meats

Let’s start with Sciacca’s little brother – Sciacca’s grill. It’s a bit closer to the more of a traditional steak house experience. You cannot take the cuts home and grill them at your leisure. Instead, you have a large butcher-like vitrine, filled with different cuts… cause paper menus are for squares. 

The wide variety of meat cuts is accompanied by an equally solid wine selection. And they’ve also got some pretty decent desserts to make sure you finish off your meal as happy as you started. 

Sciacca Place

Word to the wise, it’s probably best if you know your cuts and their origin when you go there… also prep your wallet – it’s not a cheap affair, but then again, it’s all about the top-notch quality, isn’t it?

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2. Day Fresh – Birkirkara

Fay Fresh 1

As real as it gets, at least when it comes to butcher shops. Day Fresh offers best of both worlds: prime cuts and home made sausages, grilled there or at home – the choice is all yours! The place is equipped with a large grill, so your meat comes perfectly cooked. The guys at Day Fresh don’t fuck around. 

Dayfresh Place

This place gets all the brownie points for their great food, and also for their well-priced choice and quirky vegetarian-shaming references.

Dayfresh Food

3. Brass & Knuckle – Naxxar

Brass And Knuckle

Say hello to the new kid on the block. Brass & Knuckle makes you to feel special from the moment you enter – older on the outside, with a great modern finish, this place offers the perfect variety of cuts – all complimented by a wonderful selection of cheeses and charcuterie.

Brass And Knuckle Place

If you are lost, the well-informed staff will help you select your steak and advise you on how it should be cooked (medium-rare, shhh). The wine list could do with a bit more choice, but these things come with time. All in all, Brass & Knuckle was an amazing experience, that has an extremely bright future ahead of it.

Brass Knuckle

Have you been to any other ‘high-end’ butchers-cum-restaurants? Tell us your favourite in the comments on Facebook, and tag a friend who’ll love these places!

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