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The Search Is On For Malta’s Dog Friendly Restaurants

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Anyone who has a dog will understand that their happiness is non-negotiatble as a family priority. Plus, they make life a thousand times more fun when they’re around – so it makes logical sense to have them by your side, like, always.

Despite the logic, this can become a problem when you want to have dinner at a restaurant, especially if your dog is a larger breed. 

Well, not for much longer.

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The Definitively Good Guide To Restaurants has launched a collaborative search for Malta’s doggy-friendly restaurants, calling on the public to shout out about places they know accept dogs both outdoors and indoors. 

They’re looking for restaurants with delicious menus and no issues with welcoming your furry friends. They’ve already begun putting the list together, and they need you to help grow it.

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So if you know of any other dog friendly restaurants with a scrumptious menu, get in touch with them, and you could awesome prizes that’ll make your four-legged buddy so happy! 

Here’s what they’re giving out by raffle draw in March and April:

1st Prize 

One month’s supply of Royal Canin food

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2nd & 3rd Prize

A Royal Canin dog encyclopaedia

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So get in touch, and be part of a dog-friendly-restaurant revolution now!

Tag a friend you know needs this list!

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