The Whole Hog: New Butchery Class By Maltese Experts Will Teach You How To Break An Entire Pig Down

And you'll have tons of fresh meat to take home!

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Fancy being a butcher for a day (or two)? Or have you always been curious to see what happens to the meat before it's perfectly packaged in the supermarket? Well, now you can, thanks to this pork butchery workshop.

On March 12th and 13th, the Mediterranean Culinary Academy and The Pod are hosting a two-day crash course on how to properly butcher pork!

The class will concentrate on nose-to-tail butchery which focuses primarily on the no waste concept.

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They'll teach you the art of cutting around bones, sausage making, preservation and other things that you can practice in your own kitchen.

On the first day, you'll each be given a whole loin following a live demonstration from the academy's talented chefs. They'll then teach you how to butcher a chine on pork loin (the mid-section) so you can source the primal cuts (such as ribs and fillet) and afterwards, expect some bone cleaning.

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On the second day, you'll see how primal cuts are prepared, break them down and thoroughly clean them so that they're ready to be cooked. You'll be taught the best ways to cook each kind of cut and learn valuable tricks (such as turning the fat into premium lard, making stock from bones and turning any extra meats into sausage).

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Now for the best bit

Attendees will be able to take home three rib crown roast, sausages, ribs, black blade, fillet, kidneys, boneless short rib, a cleaned loin, tournedos, skin for crackling, heart of rump roast, stew meat, fat for lard, sausage meat and bones for stock!

The masterclass costs €200 and will be hosted at The Pod at The Carob Tree. See you on the chopping board!

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