These 8 Maltese Eateries Are Perfect For All The Beer Lovers Out There

When your drink is as important as your food


Nothing beats a good meal, except a good meal paired with a good drink. And for many eaters, there's no other acceptable drink to accompany their meal than a cold beer.

There's loads of different beers - but there's also loads of different bars, restaurants, and assorted eateries offering a range of cold ones to wash down some good food.

Here are some of the best beer-first bistros around the islands, and what you're best of ordering at each.

1. The Beer Cave

Recommended dish: cheeseburger and fries

This barrel-shaped beer den in Valletta is the perfect place to try all the beers in a memorable venue. And keep it sweet and simple with a tasty burger and fries. 

2. Good Thaimes

Recommended dish: green curry

Hidden right off a corner from Gżira promenade, this little gem offers some really good Thai food with a great balance of flavours. Hit this place up if you like cashews, craft beers, and also some tasty lemon ginger green tea in the mornings. 

3. Beer Kitchen

Recommended dish: rack of ribs

The name kind of says it all. Pair your favourite beer from their large beer menu with the juicy charcoal grilled pork ribs, glazed with the Beer Kitchen's dark ale and coffee BBQ sauce. Another good reason to visit Luqa.  

4. The Brew

Recommended dish: chicken wings, sausage, and ribs

They have a nice selection of local and foreign beers, good meats, and a stylish vibe. It is situated right off the Strand in Sliema, so you can go for a quick walk to duck village nearby to hang with some ducks - and chickens. 

5. Cheeky Monkey

Recommended dish: bruschetta

This place has a young, fun vibe, and is a welcome addition to the Qawra seafront. You might need to book ahead with this one.

6. Wild Honey

Recommended dish: Italian platter

A tiny little oasis run by Italians in the heart of Valletta, this cute eatery does some super tasty platters to go along with some tasty foreign beers. Expect to wait a little bit if you order food for more than three people - you are on Italian time in Wild Honey.

7. The Fork and Cork

Recommended dish: truffle potato gnocchi

This trendy restaurant in Rabat will serve you fancy food to go with your fancy beers. Also, sick views and Mdina just a short walk away.

8. 67 Kapitali

Recommended dish: sandwiches

A place truly dedicated to beer lovers in Valletta, this is a place that focuses on the beer and is perfect for a quick tasty snack to go down with the drink.

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