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These Are The Superfoods Malta Needs To Know About In 2017

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With every new year comes a new list of superfoods that we’re advised to drop into our shopping trolley. 2016 had us all losing our shit over anything kale related – kale salad, kale chips, kale juice. You name it, we kaled it. 

But 2016 is over and so too are it’s superfood superstars. What’s new in 2017? Here’s what the experts are saying.

1. Blackcurrants

No longer pigeon-holed as the berry behind Ribena, blackberries are set to become hot property due to their impact on muscle recovery, performance and fat-burning. According to The Telegraph, we shouldn’t just be picking up a few currants, but also taking in concentrated supplements of the good stuff as well. Hopefully they’ll reach our shores and won’t be sold out in five minutes. 

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2. Maca

A little less familiar, this plant is native to Peru and is often consumed in powder form. It seems to be a bit of a wonder food as it’s not only good for your skin and energy levels but it’s also said to boost sexual performance and ease menstrual issues. Where do we sign up?

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3. Avocado Oil

2016 was truly the year of the avocado. We used them in everything from smoothies to sandwiches, but things are set to move to the next level this year. According to nutritionist Fiona Tuck, and the new trend will be to use avocado oil for cooking and as a beauty staple. 

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4. Watermelon Seeds

You know those little black ones that you normally spit out when you’re plugging through pre-cut watermelon at Riviera? Well, they are FULL of protein as well as healthy vitamins and fats. So, people have started tossing them into salads and making protein bars out of them. We kid you not.

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5. Activated charcoal

This is one that has been popping up for a while in the beauty sphere, often featuring in face masks and scrubs. Now, charcoal is making its way into our diets due to its benefits for your digestive system. It’s also said to help prevent hangovers, which means we’ll definitely be checking it out.

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