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These Two Maltese Restaurants Are Entirely Focused On Pasta And They Have The Punny Names To Prove It

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Pasta is central to the Maltese way of life. We eat it weekly, if not daily, and we know exactly how we like it. That’s why there are so much restaurants offering pasta dishes: they know someone’s going to order pasta, no matter what the time. 

But there are two pasta houses in Malta that dedicate their whole kitchen to just that. They know that pasta is really just the solid form of love, and have set up shop in Malta to spread said love through carbohydrates and a rich sauce.

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Pastaus in Valletta is a pasta bar that has been making some of the best pasta on the island this side of your nanna. Freshly made in house, their menu shows their dedication to the classics, as well as their creativity in transforming such an ancient dish into something new.

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Whatchu know about limoncello in pasta?

Their menu changes by over time, but what’s important is the quality always remains the same. Their Italian traditional pasta is going to go down a treat with literally everybody. 

Just check out one of the holiest of holy pasta dishes, the simple yet sublime Cacio & Pepper

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No seriously, check it out.

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The Cacio & Pepper is literally just cheese and pepper – but to pull off a dish like this so spectacularly comes down to having a strong knowledge of timing, and of course some bomb ass cheese and crushed pepper. 

But it is their special and fusion pasta dishes that make this place really stand out. Check out their Persea dish – avocado, almonds, zucchini and cherry tomatoes. Or their unique Chef dish – limoncello, parmesan cream, white ragu and thyme. 

They also have a pink sauce, as well as a pasta dish with curry, which could be a killing blow for the rice industry if it’s tasty af.

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Impasta is a pasta bar in the heart of Paceville, which means it has stiff competition from the many quality restaurants there. Regardless of the competition, Impasta’s freshly made Italian dishes are the kind of dishes men would go to war over.

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Impasta offer about 16 different sauces, as well as an array of freshly made pasta and gluten free pasta. 

They forego any form of bacon or ham in their sauces for guanciale (cured pork cheek). Guanciale is not only much tastier than other pork products, but it’s texter is much more delicate, elevating any dish that it’s thrown into.

And if you aren’t a meat lover, then you can see this:

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get turned into this:

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No transformation has ever been so pleasing, at least not since the first time Goku turned Super Saiyan. 

Also, if you are a saucy, saucy man, the kinda guy/gal who just wants to slather his pasta dish in the sauce, then this is the place to get all of your sauces on. 

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Whether it’s the pasta, the ingredients, or the sauce that draws you in when it comes to a proper pasta dish, we can all admit that we really just appreciate the cuteness of a nice plate of pasta. 

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Which of these dishes would you order? Let us know in the comments below!

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