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Think You’ve Tried All The Asian Food Places In Malta? Then It’s Time To Add These To Your List

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So you’ve been to Gochi, KuYa, MedAsia, Blue Elephant, and even Hugo’s Lounge for the dope Asian food. But you know there’s more out there, an Oriental orgasm that is just out of your grasp, just out of sight. 

But fret not: this list of under-the-radar Asian places in Malta will bring you one step closer to finding the dumplings of your dreams. 

1. Genki

Funky sushi sandwiches by the sea are always a good way to start the day. 

2. Yugto

Yugto is one of the newest and tastiest places on the block – and they’ve got everything from legit ramen to Thai red duck curry to glazed ribs, as well as an awesome location.

And, of course: dumplings.

3.   Sesame Dim Sum

Mix the noodles with the strips of crispy beef in oyster sauce and throw the dumplings on top to really carpe diem. 

4. Good Thaimes

If you want a warm spicy curry or soup, as well as a craft beer in a chilled atmosphere, then get to Gzira and get you a Tom Yam Gai. 

5. Hugo’s Sticks and Sums

You know Hugo is going to show up at some point, might as well be here. 

Check out these insane-looking dumplings.

And these here steamed buns. Just look at them. 

6. Shakinah

If you want to mix up the flavours and turn up the sizzle, get your hands on an authentic tandoor dish straight from the clay oven.

7. TemptAsian 

The most romantic place in Malta to get your Asian, hands down, and one of the tastiest as well. 

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8. Blue Room

And to round it off nicely, here are some Chinese soup dumplings. 

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