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This Cosy Corner In Sliema Is Every Pastry-Lover’s Paradise

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After a hard afternoon of shopping (be it widow or otherwise) nothing hits the spot quite like a good coffee and a delicious treat on the side. Realising the potential of this craving a small new corner cafe stepped in to answer every pastry lover’s prayers.

This is The Pastry Park in Sliema.

Opening late last year, The Pastry Park offers a selection of sweets and desserts from cakes and tarts to their special signature eclairs.

If your stomach is already rumbling, the cafe is found on Għar il-Lembi Street, Sliema.

If sweet treats aren’t really your thing, worry not! They may specialise in their namesake, pastry, but they also serve up some tasty homemade baguettes.

And just to continue building the hype, they’ve also recently teased plans to launch mini pizzas in-store too.

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