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This Insane Carbonara Is Only Available For Two Days In Malta

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There are some glorious pasta carbonaras in Malta – but a new contender might be about to redefine the carbonara game in Malta.

The chefs over at the Pulled Meat Company have created a beautiful carbonara – and it is only available for 2 days this week. That means anyone who would like some of this carbonara needs to preorder it, like, now – it is only available on the 14th and 15th of November at their Gzira outlet. 

But what makes this plate of pasta so epic? 

1. The meat is sustainable

The Pulled Meat Company is part of a sustainable meat project called Farm to Fork. This project is in collaboration with a local Maltese farmer and will ensure a better quality diet and lifestyle for the pigs.

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2, The pork is smoked for two weeks

Not only do they make sure the meat is happier, but the pork is smoked in house to maximise quality and awesomeness. 

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3. It is cooked with lots of love

Look at the bacon cooking. Just look at it. 

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4. It becomes the most handsome plate of pasta 

Combined with some quality pasta, well timed eggs, and the right seasoning, this plate is can be used to finesse a romantic partner, get out of jail once, and can even be used to bring about world peace. 

Is this Malta’s most beautiful plate of carbonara? Let us know in the comments below.

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