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This Is How Much You Need To Run To Burn Off Your Favourite Maltese Treats

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Disclaimer: we are not working to an exact science here. But, generally a 10-minute jog burns almost 100 calories for someone around the 70kg mark.

So using this random approximation that we plucked from the internet, we’ve calculated how long someone would need to jog to burn off these sinful Maltese faves.

1. Kinnie

We all (or at least most of us) enjoy a refreshing local soft drink now and again. You’ll be glad to know as you sip on the citrusy, zingy brown stuff, that it won’t take you all that long to burn it all off. #WorthIt


2. Twistees

Kinnie doesn’t really do much for you without a packet of Twistees accompanying does it? Well, with that parcel of goodness you’re looking at another…


3. Pastizz

Maybe it’s more worth it to ditch the Kinnie-Twistee combo and just go for one grease-tastic fave. It’ll only cost you…


4. Ġbejna

Okay, that feels like a tad too much. Let’s revert back to a respectable 30-minute time-frame. 


5. Qassata

Screw that, you don’t want to be wasting 30 minutes on one food group. Go for the snack that’s a whole meal (spinach and tuna mind you…not ricotta).


6. Ħelwa tat-Tork

If you want to finish that off with 100grams of ħelwa tat-tork, then you’re looking at…


7. Imqarrun

Okay enough of these inconsequential snacks, what’s a real meal going to cost you?


Tag a friend you think needs to know this. Tagging yourself also counts. 

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