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This Maltese Company Wants To Deliver Crates Of Goodness To Your Door

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If there’s one thing Maltese people love universally and unconditionally, it’s good food and drinks. It might be difficult, however, to sift through everything and choose the very best beers, wines, or organic produce.

That’s where Plait comes in.

This new Maltese company wants to make getting great products an effortless thing. Claiming to be the first subscription box company in Malta, they’ll choose the best wines, craft beers, and organic products, and deliver them to your doorstep on a monthly basis. Oh, and don’t forget the awesomeMaltese Plait, full of local goodies!

Each “plait” has three different options, varying in size, and of course price. The craft beer one, for example, has options for six, 12, or 24 bottles. If a monthly crate is too much of commitment or you’d like to test the waters before you jump in, you can also buy a one-off crate… which would also make for the best gift ever for any connoisseur friend, or a loved one currently living abroad.

“We choose a variety of the best wine and beer products which are usually unavailable from regular shops,” Plait explained. “They’re normally only available from restaurants or bars at a much higher price.”

More information on the whole initiative (and a handy page full of FAQs) can be found on Plait’s website. In the meantime, we can definitely see this kicking off in the near future, and can’t wait to order one of those Maltese treats crates. Just look at that Krips packet ready for the taking!

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