This Maltese Organic Farm Is The Perfect Place To Spend Your Weekend

Mix things up and keep it clean

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If you're finding it hard to keep 2018 as clean as you vowed it would be, we may have the perfect spot to help you on your way. Vincent's Eco-Farm is an organic agriturismo that offers all sorts of good, clean fun.

The venue hosts many events throughout the year, but even when there's nothing going on, it's still worth the trip to Mġarr where you can purchase a large selection of organic fruit and veg, grab a coffee and enjoy the fresh air.

Selling everything from honey and chutneys to cold pressed olive oil you're definitely gonna find something that hits the spot. 

And in true Agriturismo style, they also offer the opportunity for tourists and students to experience hands on work in the fields while enjoying the fruits (literally) of their labour.

If you're looking for more than just a quick shopping trip, be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page for any announcements of upcoming events and workshops.

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