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This Maltese Restaurant’s New Raclette Menu Is Absolutely Delicious

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If you’ve been following our foodie posts for a while now, you’d know that the top quality butcher-meets-restaurant Brass&Knuckle was busy doing God’s work as the team planned to launch a brand new raclette menu.

Well the wait is over and the melted goodness is finally here.

The raclette menu offers you the chance to drizzle delicious melted cheese over four different dishes; a fresh leaf salad, a rump steak salad, an Angus beef burger and, if you’re feeling really fancy, a premium steak. 


But if melted cheese isn’t your thing, firstly: what the hell is wrong with you? Secondly, no need to fret. While the rest of your friends enjoy one of the coolest dishes on the island you can tuck into the scores of other options available to you. All you have to do is pick the cut of meat you want, and have it served to perfection.

The restaurant’s owner, Mark Zammit, comes from a long line of butchers (we’re talking seven generations here), so it’s hard to find someone who knows meat as well as he does.

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Those with a little bit of a sweet tooth are also very well catered for. We tried their sticky toffee pudding which was divine, and their brownie with creamy mascarpone and a delicious strawberry compote. The combination of flavours on the latter was out of this world.


The raclette menu is available for lunch, Monday through Thursday.

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