This New Mexican Restaurant Is Just What You've Been Craving

Tacos baby, lots of delicious tacos

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A new Mexican "street canteen" has just opened opposite the Yacht Club in Ta' Xbiex, aka Malta's street food hotspot.

Adding to the long list of amazing lunches being offered to nearby office block residents is Frida, serving authentic Mexican dishes ranging from delicious tacos to quesadillas and churros. 

It's only been open for a week but it's got huge potential to turn into one of the town's favourite eateries. The best part is that you can enjoy relatively cheap street food in the comfort of a pretty decently air-conditioned indoor space. 

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The food is made from scratch, including the super authentic corn tortillas. Three small tacos will set you back around €7 (depending on the filling), while the quesedillas are €5 a pop. 

Yesterday's special, the shrimp tacos, was delicious, as were the beef tacos and the rather inventive chicken salad which includes grilled Chorizo and corn croutons made from the tortillas. 

Frida is open from 8.30am - 4pm, which means they also do breakfast, like this Granola, with creamy yoghurt and roasted apples. 

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Fish tacos

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Chicken salad

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