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This Newly Re-Opened Valletta Cafe Might Become Your New Go-To Lunch Spot

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It’s just mere days before Valletta officially becomes the European Capital of Culture for 2018, and with all the added buzz that is expected to hit Valletta, people are gonna need some legit places to grab a bite to eat and some top level coffee.

And seeing as it is Valletta in 2018, some place that straddles the line between traditional Valletta and modern Valletta would be perfect. Luckily for us, Frascati Cafe’ just opened.

Frascati Cafe’ is a new cafe housed in an old and classic Valletta bar. They are all about their quality coffee, and have styled themselves as a Mediterranean coffee bar serving all types of tasty espressos and cappuccinos. 

It is also a charcuterie, meaning you can get your fresh meat and cheese fix in an easy and casual setting, in between meetings or on your lunch.

They’ll also be serving sandwiches, snacks and salads is you are looking to grab something on-the-go.


Valletta is the kind of city that can never have enough cafes, especially if they are serving up great coffees, cold cuts and cheeses. Pass by Frascati for a feel of a modern Valletta encased in tradition. 

Tag a friend who needs to grab lunch with you at Frascati Cafe’!

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