This Saucy Workshop Is Perfect For Adults Who Love Chocolate In Malta

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Some things in life are just indulgently pleasurable - and chocolate is definitely one of those things. But chocolate is so often wasted on children, so the good people at the Esplora Interactive Science Centre in Kalkara have gone ahead and made a chocoholic event exclusively for adults.

This 18+ 'Choco-Late' event is the first in a series of 'Lates' being produced by the centre that are aimed at adults - and for good reason. 

During these sweet hands-on workshops led by professionals in the chocolate-making industry, you'll have the opportunity to practice some of your favourite chocolate-related skills that aren't just eating the beautiful things. 

At Choco-Late, you'll be able to hone your choco skills in a scientific environment. 

You'll be enjoying workshops on chocolate modelling, chocolate cultivation, and you'll even be able to indulge in some incredible chocolate cocktails and other tasty little treats throughout the night.  

This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who has wanted to get their hands dirty in some chocolate, as Des Cini, Programme Developer at Esplora, explains. 

"At Esplora we want to let people know that science is a part of everyday life, and that Esplora is not just for kids but for adults as well," he told Lovin Malta.

"The science centre will open in the evening for an adults only event," continued. "We wanted to give a treat to adults with something that is fun for everyone - and that's chocolate of course!"

"We'll be covering everything from pairing different wines with chocolate, making sculptures with chocolate, and heating and joining it, and even working with a gold colour to make something special," he said.

"And of course, there will be painting with chocolate."

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The event is a collaboration between Esplora and the Institute of Tourism Studies. Tickets are €10 and will be available at the door, and will give you access to all the other main exhibition halls at the Esplora centre. 

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