This Winter Cocktail Menu In Valletta Is Artistic AF

If Willy Wonka did cocktails...

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Valletta's Alchemy is consistently putting Willy Wonka to shame with their trippy as hell cocktails, and their new Winter Art cocktail menu (which runs until March 2019) is guaranteed to impress and tantalise even the fussiest cocktail snob.

We don't really want to know what goes on in their brainstorming sessions which makes them come up with such 'out there' ideas; they're not just thinking outside of the box, they squashed the box altogether.

The cocktails have to be seen to be believed. Better yet, tasted. Here they are in all their visual glory.

1. The Calvados Crusta

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Calvados, catuaba, tonka bean, served on a mineral cube.

2. The Butter Punch

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Agardi Hungarian gin, homemade red vermouth, Irish butter syrup, lavender, orange, cocoa.

3. Alchemy’s Eggnog

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Black Cow milk vodka, thyme lemon curd, vanilla syrup, smoked nutmeg.

4. The Nirvana cocktail

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Beluga allure vodka, 24 karat gold, Barbuto artichoke beer, Atlantic white cedar wood solution, ocean air steam, served with salmon.

You're going to want to reread this one.

5. The Prickly Hog

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This hot cocktail consists of Bajtra (prickly pear liqueur), lemongrass bitter... and peanut butter!

6. The Silent Night cocktail

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With tequila, honey amaro, homemade ginger ale and mezcal perfumed waffle.

7. The Winter Boulevardier

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Consisting of ginger aged boulevardier, salted caramel foam, bitter caramel crunch. Mmmm.

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