VOTE: Malta's Second Most Divisive Debate

Find out who your real friends are


As you go through life, you make a conscious effort to surround yourself with like-minded people. Individuals you can trust to hold your most cherished values and morals as their own. If you're lucky enough, you'll even find a life partner who shares your world vision. Luckier still, you'll find a job wherein your colleagues are tolerant and interested in your views – encouraging civil and open debate on a daily basis.

But not when it comes to one, crucial issue. Second only to which pastizzi shop is the best in Malta, the matter of choosing a pizza delivery restaurant is life-or-death business. Everyone has their own take on what the best pizza delivery in Malta is. But only one opinion is right... 

We've spent weeks in the office trying to rank the restaurants in question, but lengthy debate turned into shouting, which turned into snide remarks, which turned into passive aggression, and we really do need to just get along. So we're making you choose. 

Tell us your result in the comments section on Facebook, and if you choose 'other', tell us what other is.

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Ann Dingli

Ann Dingli writes mostly about art and design. She enjoys friendly debates and has accepted that she's a small person.