Wagyu Wars: 8 Mouth-Watering Wagyu Dishes In Malta And Where To Get Them From

Ignoring this list would be a big missed-steak!

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Wagyu beef is the king of all beef. There's no denying it, there's no arguing against it and there's only craving it.

The texture is so soft and it literally does melt in your mouth, thank you Japan for providing us with this superior premium meat!

Let's get straight to the point; Here are some of the top wagyu dishes in Malta and where to get them from,

1. Truffle & Kobe Wagyu Menu @ The Village Kitchen


The Village Kitchen has a special menu dedicated to truffle and wagyu. The wagyu section includes wagyu carpaccio and a wagyu ribeye steak with truffle butter and fresh truffle shavings!

2. The Wagyu Carpaccio @ Caviar & Bull

St. Julian's

This wagyu dish is flash-seared on the outside and house smoked. It is flavoured with himalayan salt, aromatic herbs and house pickled shallots.

Smokey oak tasting notes guaranteed!

3. Wagyu Ribeye @ Sciacca Grill

Valletta, St. Julian's

This steakhouse has no a la carte menu, it's a butcher-restaurant. The concept is simple' choose your cut from the butcher's window and they will grill it for you however you want it.

They do an amazing ribeye steak. Best to call them to see if wagyu is available on the day, but if not, you can even pre-order!

5. Wagyu Ribeye @ Pit Master Smokehouse


So tender you could slice it with a butter knife! Need we say more?

6. Wagyu ribeye or fillet @ Brass & Knuckle


The famous, award-winning Brass & Knuckle's wagyu offering is what a carnivore's wet dream is made of!

7. Wagyu beef tacos @ Caviar & Bull

St. Julian's

Let's taco bout the succulent wagyu beef offering at Caviar & Bull. They're pleasing to the eye as well as the palate and come with grilled red pepper, onions, mango chutney and quinoa.

8. Kobe Burger @ Dayfresh Meats


You've not had a burger until you've had a wagyu Kobe burger, which is exactly what this butchers/restaurant are offering. They're homemade from a juicy Kobe chuck steak.

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