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WATCH: 2019 Is Here And So Are Bebbux And Bacon Pastizzi

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There’s no denying the cultural importance pastizzi hold in the hearts of all Maltese people. Over the decades, the classic ricotta and peas duo has seen a multitude of (mostly chocolatey) additions, but 2019 has just added a whole new level to the beloved cheesecakes.

The culinary geniuses at Fat Louie’s (who definitely love to go all out with grub they create), have teased some interesting new pastizzi in a Facebook post. And of them is a bebbux and bacon pastizz. Yep, snail pastizzi y’all. What a time to be alive.

The Diacono brothers even teased a smoke mackerel and barley pastizzi, saying it still “needs some work”

Damn… looks pretty good to us!

As the excited Facebook comments started pouring in, Tommy Diacono went on to list other combos they might be testing at a later date.

Octopus and potato or smoked brisket pastizzi anyone? Yes. Please.

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Now before you head over to Fat Louie’s, there’s something we’re going to have to break to you.

They’re just testing for now, but we have a feeling that creative pastizzi like these will make their way to our Island in the near future!

What do you make of these pastizzi? Let us know in the comments below and tag someone who needs to see this!

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