WATCH: 5-Year-Old Girl's Adorable Figolli-Making Skills Will Prepare You For Easter... And Break Your Heart

Zaara is equal parts master chef and heartbreakingly cute

If there are just two things that everyone in Malta can instantly agree on, it's that little kids are adorable and the island's sweets are delicious. So imagine how many beats our hearts skipped when we came across one video that combines both!

Figolli are quite literally the sweet, indulgent award at the end of the 40-day Lent, and they really do come in all shapes and sizes. A traditional almond cake that typically comes with a very generous helping of colourful toppings and chocolate, but we'd be lying if we said we actually knew how to prepare the perfect figolla. Thankfully, a cute five-year-old is here to teach us how it's done.

Half-Maltese, half-Moroccan, 100% heartbreakingly cute, Zaara Lina's Cooking Club video will teach you how to prepare the cutest figolli this side of the Mediterranean

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Effortless style, adorable pose... we're already sold, and Zaara hasn't even started cooking yet.

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The nine-minute video takes you through the entire process of not only preparing figolli from scratch, but also decorating them in some very colourful patterns.

And by the end, Zaara tests out her own masterpiece... and they sure look good!

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My face when I'm actually surprised at my good cooking

From patata il-forn to meatball tajines, Zaara is quickly building a database of awesome recipes and cute videos... and you can check them all out on her Facebook page!

If you'd like a recipe of Zaara's recipe to make your own figolli, she also left a link to that right here. Prep time is about 30 minutes, and it'll take around 40 more minutes once you take into account cooking time. Sounds like a perfect rainy weekend plan!

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