WATCH: A Little Taste Of Home In Toronto At 36 Year Old Maltese Bakery

Pastizzi, timpana, and qaghaq tal-ghasel are all on the menu!

Maltese have had an uncanny ability to spread across the globe and set up shop, serving our greatest food to all four corners of the world.

Canada is no different, with Toronto’s ‘Malta Bake Shop’ featuring some of our proudest dishes getting the love it deserves in a facebook video that’s already racked up 170,000 views.

A little taste of nostalgia, the 36 year-old bakery serves pastizzi. But Pizelli fans look away because Malta Bake Shop only serves a ricotta and a minced meat pastizz.

Vegetarians may actually be a little bit more hopefully, with the shop preparing veggie pastizzi on order.

Timpana, another one of crowning achievements, looks right at home in wintery Canada. While an almond tart and qaghaq tal-ghasel means that the bakery serves our favourite lenten and Christmas treats all year round!

Here’s our feature on Malta’s iconic pastizz:

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Written By

Julian Bonnici