WATCH: Chocolate Rice Krispies Ice-Cream Rolls In St Julian's Is What You Need To Cool Down This Weekend

Do you have a better way of cooling down? Didn't think so

Summer's not over yet, and one ice-cream parlour in St Julian's has a tasty little treat to cool you down this weekend.

Below 35 had humble beginnings as a food cart, but soon became so popular, they ended up opening their own eatery. Their unique take on Thai-inspired ice-cream rolls will have you - and anyone accompanying you - grinning from ear to ear.

Fun and light, these desserts are made fresh right in front of you - and for one weekend only, they will be making Rice Krispies chocolate squares and chocolate sauce fried ice-cream.

Below 35's extensive menu means you probably won't ever get tired of all the customisable options

If you can't make it this weekend, don't worry - these ice-creams can be yours anytime

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And in case you're feeling cool enough already, just grab a savoury bubble waffle instead

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