WATCH: Daniel Grech Unveils The Kinder Pastizzi, The First In A New Chocolate-Infused Series

Just look at this crazy, crunchy, sweet, melted incarnation of a pastizz

After Lovin Malta announced that Daniel Grech and Vinu Muscat of Sphinx Pastizzeria were teaming up to blow your comfort food-loving mind at the upcoming Shakes n' Bakes restaurant in San Gwann, Malta was shooketh.

The country had barely got to grips with the nutella pastizzi, and now Grech and Muscat are pioneering a whole new type of pastizzi: dessert pastizzi.

The pair have already gotten down to work and unveiled the prototype Kinder Pastizzi. This crunchy, sweet, chocolate-y creation is the first of its kind that we know of, and is set to give every Maltese person with a sweet tooth a proper sugar rush orgasm.

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The Kinder Pastizzi is just the first in a new series of dessert pastizz

Are you sitting down? You will be after you try the Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter pastizz, the Bounty pastizz, the M&M pastizz, and the Ferrero Rocher pastizzi.

Or is it?

Needless to say, people are already excited over the new forms of the classic savoury Maltese snack

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