WATCH: Dingli's Chilli Connoisseur Is Adding Some Serious Heat To Malta's Winters

Also bringing in a touch of olive oil... and Brodu

If you struggle to associate Malta with chillis, it's because you haven't met Patrick Gauci yet. The man behind genuine homemade products coming out of Dingli's Talpe' groves, Patrick produces chilli paste and marinated Maltese green olives. And the results look positively mouthwatering.

In a short video shared by local marketing agency Hangar, Patrick shared his passion, and the fine art behind some of the island's fieriest chillis. These actually have a dedicated nursery (which sounds cute AF) waiting for them, with a total of 75 to 90 days until harvest. 

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Patrick grows 17 different types of chillis, ranging in spiciness. His pièce de résistance, however, is when he mixes them to create a delicious paste. "I just can't stop," an excited Patrick says. "I always want to come up with something new."  When you look at the final products, it's very easy to see why. You can almost taste the spicy goodness from your screen... or it could be just us being a little too hopeful.

Patrick wants to develop his small Dingli project, aptly named Talpe', into a source of agritourism. Planning on leaving his reserved house setting and mixing things up with catering, Patrick wants to share his process with people. "I want them to understand the process behind the bottle on the shelf," Patrick trails off in the video.

The clip also features one of the latest tracks by beloved alternative band Brodu.

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Tag someone who can take on the Talpe' chillis!

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