WATCH: International Eating Champion Tearing His Way Through Maltese Food Challenges

Yes, 'Eating Champion' is a potential aspiration in life

If travelling around the world devouring massive piles of food sounds like a dream, then Randy Santel is the guy to watch. 

The Youtuber has visited over 17 countries to try their cuisine and beat their food challenges. And the latest stop on his monstrous tour is our very own rock. His first challenge took place at the medieval themed restaurant, The Trees in Sliema.

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In this challenge Randy ate 1kg of pork-and-chicken schnitzel, a massive side of fries and a whole ftira in under one hour. If he had failed, the meal would set him back €33 and worse, he'd have failed his first challenge in Malta.

Of course, being a professional eater he managed the whole thing... with ease. He even beat the local record of 32 minutes by an almost 10-minute margin, devouring the entire plate in 24 minutes and 54 seconds.

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He even had a live audience 

At the end of the clip Randy confirmed he'll be doing several other challenges across the island, the next one involving pizza. Our guess is that he'll be hitting up Pizza by Luca for the 50cm pizza challenge.

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