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WATCH: Irish People Try Maltese Snacks And It’s The Funniest Thing We’ve Seen In A While

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There are quite a few parallels you can draw between Malta and Ireland; the love of potatoes, the over-drinking, the brutal honesty, and the Catholicism. But we’re going to zoom in onto the brutal honesty aspect for a while, because we’ve just found the funniest and most offensive video we’ve seen in a while.

It’s six Irish people trying out Maltese snacks. And the reviews are, well, mixed.

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The ‘snacks’ they were given to try are Pizza Rings, Kinnie, Bacos, and Cisk.

The Kinnie and the Cisk are obvious staples, but the crisp packets are an interesting choice. Clearly they should have waited for the crazy Salott war to happen before filming this video.

How can you have a ‘trying Maltese snacks’ video without Twistees? Pretty shocking and very badly researched.

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But if we’ll move on from that for now, it’s pretty hilarious to watch them as they try to dissect the combination of orange and herbs in a fizzy drink, and the fact that not all beer is Guinness. The overall favourite seems to be the packet of Bacos, with Pizza Rings doing relatively well, and Kinnie and Cisk getting mixed reviews.

This girl in particular really didn’t like the Kinnie. And to be fair, it’s an acquired taste.

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And also, we need to give them credit. There really is a Mr. Tayto in Ireland that looks painfully like Mr. Ripley. Maybe they’re related. Which one do you think came first?

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