WATCH: Malta's National Chicken Nugget Record Has Officially Been Broken By Seven Men In Mġarr

How many chicken nuggets could you finish off in 20 minutes?

Mġarr now officially holds the National Record for most chicken nuggets eaten in the space of 20 minutes.

Seven Mġarr residents sat along a table and devoured the little parcels of hope and love and ended up eating a total of 211 nuggets, meaning the men ate around 30 nuggets each on average.

The even was held by the local philharmonic club Marija Mtellgħa s-Sema, and featured a local banda playing along to hype up the men and rally the troops into nugget heaven.

The men themselves can be seen pacing themselves, going for a slow and steady approach instead of a 'devour everything' mentality

They are now the official Chicken Nugget Champions ta' Malta, and will remain so - until another nugget-loving group kick them off their perch, that is.

Tag someone who could beat this national record!

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Johnathan Cilia

Johnathan is interested in the weird, dark, and wonderful contradictions our late-capitalist society forces upon us. He also likes music and food. Contact him at [email protected]