WATCH: Maltese Lads Turn Their Hilarious Annual Tradition Into The Best Unofficial Ad For KFC

Because all you need is your group of bros and a whole lot of fried chicken

From film nights and sleepovers to weirdly specific initiations, every group of friends has different traditions they keep every year. Well, one Maltese group of lads took it one further step, documenting it in a video that quickly became one of the the best fake ads to ever grace the island.

"Every year, our group goes to KFC on the 25th of December for our annual Christmas Dinner," videographer Mike Bonello Ghio told Lovin Malta.

"Since I got into video, I thought it would be hilarious to pretend to create a full-on advert of KFC without it actually being an advert," Mike continued. "So this year, went with a full Christmas lunch setup on one of their tables."

'Full setup' is right; the lads took it up to 11 this year, bringing their own crackers, paper crowns, and even plastic champagne glasses to the fast food eatery.

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"Think the John Lewis ad, but with zero budget and no actors... and obviously not John Lewis"

Mike uploaded the hilarious video on his Instagram account, which is where he shares his latest, coolest, sleekest projects. But now that the video is also on YouTube, we're guessing it shouldn't take long for even more people to get to it.

And yes; you might be thinking to yourselves that Christmas is over and done with by now, but as the hilarious video quickly reminds us, "It's Christmas Day, every day, with KFC."

KFC, we hope you're watching; get this guy on board ASAP!

What annual traditions do you have? Let us know in the comments and tag your group of friends!

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