WATCH: Mamma Mia! Davinia Has A Go At Being A Pizzaiolo For A Day, Madness Obviously Ensues

Daddy's little girl has got some tricks up her sleeve. Well, kind of anyway

What do you get when you take a very rich, very spoilt girl out of her massive mansion and give her daily, hands-on challenges from all around the island? Well, Lovin Malta is on a mission to find out in a new series where we put Davinia in a number of situations she's definitely never been in.

A Eurosong veteran and self-professed daddy's girl, Davinia might not be the first person that comes to mind when thinking of getting your hands dirty, but that's exactly what we're getting her to do. Or at least, as far as this first episode goes, getting her hands full of flour and a couple of pizza ingredients.

Making her way to beloved St. Julian's pizzeria Piccolo Padre, Davinia had a go at being a pizzaiolo for a day... and things got very chaotic very fast

Screenshot 2019 05 02 At 13 16 27
Screenshot 2019 05 02 At 13 16 33
Screenshot 2019 05 02 At 13 16 42

Unsurprisingly, Davinia went into the challenge with absolutely zero knowledge of how to cook pizza, but resident star pizzaiolo Lorenzo was patient enough to show her the ropes. Up to the moment where she did everything completely wrong, of course, at which he hilariously summarised her work with a quick and simple "Disaster".

Attempting to prepare Piccolo Padre's popular pizzotto (along with a couple of staples like the Diavola), Davinia definitely tries her best... but in between hole-riddled pizza bases and a sad pizzotto thrown on the floor, Lorenzo's seven out of 10 final rating (or is it six?) is actually pretty generous.

Screenshot 2019 05 02 At 13 16 52
Screenshot 2019 05 02 At 13 16 57
Screenshot 2019 05 02 At 13 17 11
Screenshot 2019 05 02 At 13 17 16
Screenshot 2019 05 02 At 13 17 20
Screenshot 2019 05 02 At 13 18 39

In the end, though, we're still salivating at every single pizza that came out of the oven... Davinia-prepared or not

It's tough to make a renowned pizzeria's ingredients look bad, and Davinia definitely doesn't manage to do so.

And hey, difficult student aside, Lorenzo turned out to be a great teacher, and we want to devour every single pizza! Dibs on the Diavola though.

Screenshot 2019 05 02 At 14 06 58
Screenshot 2019 05 02 At 14 07 07
Screenshot 2019 05 02 At 14 07 15

What would you like to see Davinia try her hands on next? Sound off in the comments and stay tuned to the next episode of Davinia Does!

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