WATCH: New York Best's Latest Glorious Creations Will Make All Your Mac And Cheese Dreams Come True

One new mac and cheese item on the menu just wasn't enough

New York Best, pioneers of the burger revolution that hit Malta almost a decade ago, and creators of what are arguably the best chicken nuggets on the island (I will legit fight anyone over this claim and invite everyone to let me know if they know of any superior Maltese chicken nuggets) have have just rolled out some very cheesy balls.

Not just any balls - little mac and cheese balls of glory, perfect to be ripped open and devoured, dipped and devoured, or kicked into the back of a football net and devoured.

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The mac and cheese balls pack a slightly sweet kick amidst all the cheesy goodness

And best of all, if you order a portion of the mac and cheese balls alongside a large portion of chicken nuggets and a side of sriracha mayo, the bill comes to €10 exactly... not that we would know through personal experience though, hehe...

NYB also grabbed a ball and smashed it flat, creating mac and cheese fritters, and threw those bad boys onto a burger

So you can carb while you carb and eat mac and cheese while you eat a cheeseburger.

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If you love mac and cheese, you're going to love both of these new entries.

Just make sure to not sleep on those chicken nuggets in the meantime yo.

Tag someone who seriously loves mac and cheese and doesn't care what anyone else thinks

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