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WATCH: Spanish Guy Living In Malta Tries Local Snacks And TBH He Needs To Say Sorry

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This is what went down when we asked Dani, one of our finest interns from Spain, to try some local delicacies ?

Posted by V Squared Media on Wednesday, June 19, 2019



Malta and pride go hand in hand; whether its a foreigner raving about our blue seas or a local making it big abroad, we love to boast about our tiny country. Malta and food also go hand in hand so when it’s our delicacies and snacks that get foreign recognition you can bet we’re about to feel really proud.

But if a foreigner speaks badly about our food? We don’t like that at all.

Local media company V Squared made their Spanish intern Dani Gomez try out a whole bunch of Maltese snacks, and he wasn’t too pleased

And we mean a whole bunch. From pastizzi to qagħaq tal-għasel to galletti, he tried practically everything. But his overall reaction to the foods he was given wasn’t really good one, and we’re a bit offended.

He didn’t even like Twistees! We’re actually very offended.

But to be fair, Dani didn’t hate it all

He gave ricotta pastizzi and a packet of Krips a whopping 9/10. And we’d have to agree very strongly on both those results. Plus, in the most shocking plot twist imaginable, he gave kunserva paired with traditional Maltese bread full marks – 10/10! We definitely didn’t see that coming.

So paired with Dani’s painful yet valiant attempt at speaking Maltese, we’re not too mad at him. Just a bit mad.

Oh, and we have to point out the way Dani takes a bite out of his pastizzi – from the side! Who does that? Only a monster.

He wasn’t too fond of the bigilla, and he called peppered ġbejna ‘very spicy’ which was confusing

In fact, he gave the bigilla and galletti combo the lowest score of all the snacks; a sad and painful 2/10. The bigilla we can forgive, but the galletti hate is almost as painful as the Twistees.

In the meantime Dani, we hope you’re practicing your Maltese consonants and we might pop by the office to force-feed you Twistees until you admit that you like them. Narawk!

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