WATCH: This Supremely Tasty Migrant Food Truck Could Be Coming To A Street Near You

But they have a small favour to ask first

Few things are more awesome to experience than fresh, real and authentic food - and that's why a group of talented migrant chefs are crowdfunding to set up a food truck and start giving the experience to Maltese foodies all over the island

Bringing together authentic cuisine from Syria, Lebanon, and Morocco, the group behind SAHA! want to empower women through incredible food. 

SAHA!, a Migrant Women Association Malta initiative and winners of last year's Malta Social Impact Awards, brings women from all over the world together through their love of food - and they've been building up a repertoire of tasty dishes over the last few months.

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They showed off their cooking skills at the 2017 and 2018 editions of the World Music Festival and have been going from strength to strength since then.

"Our vision is to work hand-in-hand with the Maltese, utilising local produce from local businesses, employing both Maltese and migrant women to produce delicious food," the chefs said.

But now they need your help to raise enough money to start their own food truck up and get that fresh baba ganoush right to your street.

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"We want to build further on this project to help empower women and build bridges through food – the idea of serving affordable, delicious dishes to people all around Malta via our very own food truck, as well as scaling our organisation to provide catering services to private events," the group said.

They've launched a ZAAR crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a new food truck operated by migrant women, which will bring world food closer to Malta.

The SAHA! Migrant Women Food Truck will bring mobile access to Syrian, Moroccan or Lebanese cuisine on the island, whilst also giving an opportunity to marginalised communities that have difficulty in accessing employment.

“With over 85 per cent of female asylum seekers in Malta and many women suffering from discrimination and gender-based violence, migrant women are left behind and lack opportunities that create a better future for themselves and their families,” says Steven Frigerio of the MWAM.

The group has listed what they'll be putting the money towards, and have just two weeks left to raise over €6,000 euros. 

If you want to help out some amazing chefs while making Malta's food scene more interesting, you can go to the crowdfunding page by following this link

Tag someone who would love to help out!

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