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We Have A Winner! After A Nail-Biting Finale, Thousands Of People Have Chosen Malta’s Favourite Packet

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Blisters. Gobblers. Party Time. That Sour Cream & Onion farmer dude who stole the hearts and imaginations of generations. So many have fallen in the midst of a long and arduous online battle to choose Malta’s favourite packet. But now, from the vinegary, salty ashes, only one snack has emerged victorious.

Bow down to the absolute superior Maltese packet, Twistees

Twistees Krips Lovin Malta Salott Victory

Weeks of memes and arguments later, yesterday’s final saw Krips and Twistees go to head for an extremely tight, 24-hour race that ended at noon today.

While Krips were definitely holding their own for a while with an insane tie seeming more and more plausible for a couple of hours, it was Twistees that finally took the lead… and kept it for the rest of this morning.

And even though Twistees eventually emerged victorious, Krips fans were definitely passionate AF… and some even managed to be honourable in their defeat

Luke Lyttleton Twistees Krips

As expected, the memes did not let up

Krips Twistees Reactions

Left Image: Marl Gal III, Right: Miguel Fenech

Krips Twistees Meme

Image by Clayton Borg

With this victory under Twistees’ belt, it seems like order has been restored… but some people wanted to assert its dominance over any other packet that dares challenge the top spot

Twistees Fans Lovin Malta

The whole saga even had Sunshine Snacks replying, gracefully congratulating their victor

Screenshot 2019 03 28 At 11 59 21

#NeverForgotten #AlwaysInOurHearts #KripsForeverNoMatterWhatAnyoneTellsMe

Tag a Twistees fan… and someone who genuinely prefers Krips (because they’re right)

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