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We Just Tried The KFC X Pizza Hut Collab And There Were Some Feelings

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There are days when you just can’t decide what you want for dinner… and then there are days when global franchises come bearing the (potential) answer you’re looking for.

Two of the biggest names in food franchises – KFC and Pizza Hut – have released a limited edition collab that brings the best of these two very different culinary worlds together on one slice.

Pizza Hut called this an “internet-breaking collaboration” – but is it actually any good?

KFC’s bringing their popcorn chicken and sweetcorn to combine with Pizza Hut’s San Francisco Sourdough base, alongside their classic tomato or BBQ sauce and sprinkled with mozzarella.


Lovin Malta got their hands on two of the pizzas to review them. 

It’s no surprise that Pizza Hut’s pizza is good, and KFC’s chicken is good – but some people had strong feelings about the inclusion of sweet corn in the dish.

“The chicken and pizza should be centre stage here – I’m sure I’d love it more had I not been under constant paranoia that I’d find a rogue corn,” said one person with a slice in their hand. They said that if they did ever order the pizza, they’d basically ask for it without the sweetcorn.

However, when it came to the popcorn chicken cooked in KFC’s famous secret herbs and spices combined with Pizza Hut’s Sourdough Base, there weren’t many complaints, apart from people on diets.

Talking about Pizza Hut’s Sourdough Base – if you haven’t tried it yet, you need to watch the video below. 

This limited time only offering is available at all local Pizza Hut outlets and is available for both take-out and delivery.

It’s available as an individual pizza and as part of Pizza Hut’s €20 deals which includes, two San Francisco Pizza and a 1 litre bottle of Kinnie.

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