8 Maltese Eateries That Keep Us Going Back To Swieqi

The area's food scene might be small, but do not underestimate it!

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I love exploring the quaint area of Swieqi and Ibraġġ. It's full of cute independent shops, lovely houses and small cafes. The food scene might be small but what it lacks for in size... it definitely makes up for in quality.

Here are eight places in Swieqi which make it quite the foodie hub.

1. Drift Meze/cafe

This super healthy eatery is open all day but is a very popular lunch spot. You can expect lots of mezes, Greek platters, salads and delicious breakfasts!

2. The Greenhouse

This eatery has a vast menu of pasta dishes, meats and burgers. Their pizzas though, is where they truly excel!

3. Lulu Cafe

At Lulu, you'll find sandwiches, salads and pastries. Desserts come in the form of signature hand-crafted cupcakes and they also offer dessert cakes, novelty cakes and cupcakes by order.

4. Pepe Nero

Pepe Nero offers Middle Eastern/Lebanese cuisine with a Mediterranean twist, and is one of the area's favourite restaurants.

5. Pavillion Palace

We don't have that many decent Chinese restaurants on the island. Pavillion is definitely a safe bet!

6. Vago restaurant cafe

Vago is a family-friendly casual joint serving no-fuss breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, pastas, meat dishes and burgers.

7. HH Xpresso by Healthy Habits

Super healthy vegetarian lunches is what you'll find here! Oh, and homemade sweet treats.

8. Restyle Cafe

Any foodie will appreciate this cafe that's open all day. They serve a range of hearty salads, soups and paninis. They even have afternoon tea and aperitivo. It's a great little place for a catch up with friends.

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