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We’re Calling It – This Will Be The Next Big Food Trend In Malta

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We’ve had food in a jar, amazing Mexican street food, any meat that can be pulled, and even a pastizzi flavour revolution; but we’re predicting one food-craze in Malta that is perhaps the longest overdue.     

We believe that proper, soul-warming Vietnamese food will be the next big thing – pho real.

Here’s why:

1. It’s a healthy alternative to Chinese food

We’re all painfully aware that Maltese people need to became a lot more health conscious, so this will be a welcome alternative to Chinese take aways. 

Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest foods worldwide, relying on fresh herbs and spices to improve flavour. They also use loads of vegetables in their dishes, and unlike the ones you’d find in your chow mein, you know they’re fresh and have been cooked recently, so you can eat feeling virtuous.

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2. Bánh mì is a deliciously cheap meal

Banh mì, or Vietnamese-filled baguettes, is a product of colonialism – and we know a bit about that! When the French were in Vietnam they would put whatever they could find in their local market into a baguette and eat it on the go.

Like a healthier version of the hemendċis baguette you’d get in the shop around the corner, this meal is filling and tasty. You have your meat or tofu, plus cucumber, coriander, carrot, daikon radish, mayonnaise, and chillis for those who like a little spice – all inside a fresh baguette. #Yum

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3. Pho is filling and crazy good

Pho is a clear noodle soup, plus your choice of meat or tofu and a ton of fresh vegetables like carrots, brocoli, mushrooms and spring onion, as well as a small plate of bean sprouts, lemons, jalapenos, mint, coriander and lemon to add extra flavour to the dish if you’d like. A bowl of this fragrant goodness will leave you full and satisfied without feeling at all bloated. Plus the meal is apparently only 400-500 calories.

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4. Vietnamese coffee is great for anyone with a sweet tooth 

Vietnamese iced coffee, also known as cà phê đá, can also be served hot. It usually contains sweetened condensed milk, which makes it taste like you’re drinking Baileys with a caffeine boost. 

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5. It’s good for people on restricted diets

Again – this would be great for Malta seeing as we’re not yet too hot on restaurants catering for varied dietary needs. Because the food is so simply made, it’s great for people who, for whatever reason, are restricted in terms of what they eat. 

They have lots of vegetarian options, and are happy to use tofu instead of meat. Pretty much all of the food is dairy free, which is great for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan. Most of the dishes are naturally gluten free, using rice noodles, rice paper and rice flour instead, so that’s coeliacs sorted. 

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6. There’s virtually no competition

If there is a Vietnamese restaurant in Malta, we’re not-so-blissfully unaware of it. Someone needs to jump on this food craze waiting to happen and thank us later for starting up the hype. 

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Do you want Vietnamese food to be the next big thing in Malta? Share this post, let’s make it happen!

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