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Why So Cereal? You’ll Never Guess What Pie Flavour Manouche Just Revealed

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Popular St Julian’s eatery Manouche, located in Spinola, is renowned for its gorgeous pastries and cakes. They’re now gearing up to treat us to some awesome pie flavours, too!

Posting on Facebook last week, they revealed a new pie was heading to their menu and asked their followers to guess the filling. Guesses of Key Lime and Kannoli flooded the comments, but Manouche were very tight-lipped, not giving away any clues apart from the picture. 

Taking a look at the cloth lining underneath the pie, you’ll notice a familiar Benna-blue gingham that made total sense when they revealed the real flavour: 

Bottom-of-the-bowl cornflake milk. A classic morning taste in almost every household. The taste is something you can’t quite recreate without actually having a bowl of the globally-recognised breakfast cereal itself, but thanks to Manouche you’ll no longer have to wait for breakfast time to roll around to get a taste of that sweet, sugary milk. 

The pie crust is made from the butteriest biscuits, topped with an ice cream churned from milk which we can only assume was extracted from the bottom of a very big bowl of cornflakes. A perfect summer flavour, combining the warmth of a satisfying breakfast and cold, sweet cream really makes Manouche the place to be for pie-lovers and straight-from-the-bowl milk drinkers alike. 

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