With Two Mozzarella Bars In The Same Road, Gżira's Making All Your Cheesy Dreams Come True

Cheese for days

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Have you ever found yourself hoping you'd get the adequate (read: insane) amount of extra cheese on your plate? Better yet; have you ever wished you could just go to a place where they literally design an entire menu around cheese? Well, your prayers have now been answered, and it's in the form of two bars in Gżira.

Situated a couple of hundred metres away from each other, La Maltesa and HiMù both have one thing on their minds; delicious, cheesy mozzarella.

Launched back in 2014, La Maltesa boasts a team of International Master Cheese makers (which we definitely want to have around at all times). Each and every one of their signature cheeses is made by hand with a specific method. 

"Caseificio ‘La Maltesa’ is an Italian methodology of artisan mastery cheese making using fresh local products, manufacturing and supplying fresh cheeses daily," they explained. Their artisan cheese makers hail from Italy, of course, from the Puglia and Compania regions. Their products also include ricotta, burrata, stracciatella and many more. They've even got lactose-free products up on offer!

La Maltesa is located towards the foot of Ta' Xbiex's Testaferrata Street Hill, metres away from Gżira and the next great place for cheesy goodness.

Just down the road from La Maltesa, across the street from the Manoel Island bridge, is hiMù, a place where the name says it all. Promising "hi quality Italian Muzzarella", hiMù offers the possibility to taste "real buffalo mozzarella". The Italian eatery has, much like La Maltesa, been around since the end of 2014.

Open every single day of the week from 9am, hiMù has a long list of mouthwatering items on their menu. Be it a pizza (like their 100% Italian San Daniele pizza) or an actual bowl of bufola morsels, you can easily tell that these guys have cheese on their minds 24/7. As their motto goes, after all, "We produce mozzarella every day!"

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