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You Can Eat Unlimited Tapas For Just €15 At This Marsascala Restaurant

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One of the funkiest restaurants in Marsascala just rolled out a deal that anyone who is a lover of international food – or a lover of saving some money – will absolutely adore.

For one night only (and that night is Wednesday night) Bongo Nyah will let you eat all the tapas your heart desires for a two hour period for just €15.

“You can order one plate at a time. When you finish it completely, simply order another one. Leaving food on the table means you are passing out for the next round. Make sure you turn up in time for your booking. Don’t be late or you’ll have less time,” the team said of the tasty deal.

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You show up at a specific time, and are given an hour and 45 minutes to order your food

If you show up late, your time will start ticking anyway – but with so much good food available, why would you show up late?

You can only order one plate at a time, and can order your next plate as soon as you’ve finished your first.

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Bongo Nyah’s tapas menu features over 30 dishes from around the world

They’ve got everything from Korean Fried Chicken to American-style Corn Dogs to Middle-Eastern Kibbeh to Chorizo Patatas Bravas, so you’re sure to find a flavour to suit your nature.

And if Wednesday doesn’t work for you, they’ve literally got a deal for every other day of the week

Thursdays is also good for tapas-lovers.

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