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You Can Take Your Dog With You To All These Pet-Friendly Restaurants In Malta

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Sometimes, you just want to eat with your dog. Or cat. Or hamster – and it’s hard finding a place that won’t discriminate against you and your furry friend trying to grab a bite to eat.

The Definitive(ly) Good Guide to Restaurants in Malta and Gozo have come up with a top notch list of eateries around Malta and Gozo that accept dogs eating there. They range from the casual and affordable to the formal and exquisite – but all are pet-friendly.

Check out this list, grab your pet’s collar, and spend some quality time outside of the house together.

16. iPlace


A stylish, hi-tech environment with generous portions, this is the kind of place to take your dog if they can’t get enough of your tablet or iPad.

15. La Buona Trattoria del Nonno

St. Paul’s Bay

You know your dog loves wood-oven cooked pizza and endless seafood.

14. one80 Kitchen & Lounge


Seasonal dishes, great views, and they’ll even get your dog a bowl of water on the house. 

13. Buddhaman

St. Julian’s

This is where you take your dog if your dog is boujee AF. Or, you are. 

12. Marina Club VW


The perfect place to end your daily dog walk along the Valletta Waterfront.

11. Bacchus


If your dog is into history, vaulted wine barrels, or silent cities, Bacchus is the place to take them.

10. La Vida


Does your dog prefer small plates to nibble on rather than a large meal? It sounds like your dog needs some tapas from La Vida. 

9. The Avenue


If you have a big, noisy family of pets, get to The Avenue so they can howl alongside the other noisy families in there. Also, they’ll love the meat.

8. Vecchia Napoli


A ton of open space, ample parking, and the opportunity for your dog to leave its mark in more places than ever before. They also have killer calzones.

7. Gululu

St. Julian’s

If your dog is exceptionally Maltese – tal-Kaċċa or Maltese terriers – then this is the place to head to.

6. Trattoria AD 1530


Traditional and tasty food served in a homely setting. Your dog won’t even realise you guys have left the house.

5. Cafe Cuba


And if they are good during the meal, you can take them to the pet store right next door. 

4. districtfive


The culinary jewel in the heart of Birzebugga, your dog can chill by their Olympic size pool as you eat to your heart’s delight. 

3. Shoreditch Bar & Kitchen


The perfect place to eat some insanely tasty dishes with your dog before you both hit the clubs.

2. Tal-Familja


Get your nanna, get your nanna’s dog, and treat her to a meal the likes of which she’s probably cooked herself countless times. 

1. Country Terrace

Mgarr, Gozo

If your dog loves going on boats, then hit two birds with one stone and catch the Gozo ferry, run up the hill to Mgarr and grab a well-deserved steak for two.  

Tag a friend to grab their pet and get lunch with you!

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