YOU VOTED: For Malta's Number One Favourite Biscuit

And the results will send shockwaves through your living room

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Hundreds and hundreds of you voted, but there could only be one winner. We're quite sure that more than a few hearts will be broken by the results, but – hey, that's democracy for you. 

Here's a countdown of Malta's favourite tea-time biscuits. Make sure there's nothing breakable around you. 

7. Chocolate Fingers & Ginger Biscuits – Tied

Coming in at the penultimate position ('other' got the least scores) were the messy Chocolate Fingers and zingy Ginger Biscuits. They each scored 3% of the nation's votes, meaning they're something of an acquired taste.


6. Krustini

Out national nibbling treat, Krustini, came in at eighth place with 5% of the votes. A solid effort from the local underdog.  

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5. Chocolate Chip Cookies, Custard Creams & Pan di Stelle – Triple tie

This triple-threat/treat was next. A true blend of cultural influence: the chocolate chip cookie – brought to us in hundreds of scenes from American family films and sitcoms; the Custard Cream – reminding us of colonial times gone by; and the Pan di Stelle – bringing in our love of all things Italian. 


4. Ottijiet

In fifth place, our beloved local dipping gem. So what if your tea is full of ġunġlien by the end of it? Ottijiet – we salute you. 

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3. Leibniz Chocolate Biscuits 

Pronounced 'lesbians' by the laziest language learners among us, these chocolate covered babies came in fourth place with 12% of the votes.

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2. Chocolate Digestives & Morning Coffee Biscuits – Tied

In joint second place, two biscuits that prove that simplicity reigns supreme. Old-school favourites have proven that it doesn't take anything ground-breaking to win over a nation. Just tonnes and tonnes of sugar. 


1. Bourbon Biscuits

And the winner or Malta's Ultimate Favourite Tea-Time Biscuit is the classically mouth-watering Bourbon biscuit. Seriously, what can actually compete with cream-chocolate-filled rectangle biscuits, coated in rock-sugar? Nothing that's what. 

Here's to the nation's winner. Well deserved. 

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And here's what all the votes looked like at a glance:

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